Exercising for an hour is only 4% of your day..

At times college can take a toll on your health, both mentally and physically. A combination of too much pizza, exams, and lack of sleep can not only lead to the freshman 15, but also anxiety, lower grades and frequent sickness. But no need to worry, there’s 278,000 square feet of relief at the swipe of your JAC card. Here are just a few reasons you should go to UREC and exercise!

       1. Exercise boosts academic performance

Working out increases cognitive function. Studies show that the brain is much more engaged in learning and in test taking with those who exercise an hour a day. Increases in memory, retention, and mental sharpness. Who knows, exercise more and maybe you’ll make the Deans List?


       2. Exercise prevents weight gain. 

JMU is notorious for the food. Ranked in the top 10 out of the nation’s colleges every year, it’s hard not to go to dining halls and gorge yourself on some of America’s best college food. Now this obviously isn’t the best idea if you’re trying to lose weight. Fear not, an hour playing competitive racquetball burns up to 700 calories, an hour swimming burns up to 600, and an hour of weightlifting burns around 250 calories. Students who exercise have lower body fat, higher muscular strength, and higher levels of cardiovascular endurance. Exercise, then indulge yourself in E-Hall.



 3. Exercise increases well being

Exercise has been shown to have a direct correlation for better mental well being. The National Institute for Health even cites some of the benefits as: improved sleep, stress relief, improvement in mood, increased energy, and reduced tiredness.



Click here to check out UREC’s weekly schedule of exercise classes offered for FREE! Now spend 4% of your day wisely and exercise! Your body, mind, and GPA will thank you. 




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