Absentee ballots are being sent in, final campaigns are being pushed, and Donald Trump memes are soaring through the roof, it is finally the day we have been anxiously waiting for- The 2016 Presidential Election. Apathetic toward the whole thing? DON’T BE. Being able to vote is a very special characteristic of our country, and people around the world would give anything to to have this fundamental right to go out to the polls and cast their ballots to choose the leader of their country. This is a right that Americans have and should not take for granted; instead they should exercise their right to vote. It is necessary for our country to run the way it does. Still not convinced? Lets take a look at our favorite celebs and see what they have to say about it:

Mark Ruffalo & Friends:

Many familiar faces pop up across the screen during this powerful 3-minute video about why we ALL need to get out and  how imperative it is to vote. And what did I hear about Mark Ruffalo’s butt?


HBO Cast Members

From the Night Of to Westworld, all of our favorite HBO stars have come together to make this video to “use our voice and use our vote”. They touch on topics that directly affect our generation from this election and why we need to get out and vote!


The Cast of Hamilton

The most powerful musical to hit Broadway basically ever is telling you to vote so you should probably listen to them! Also, there are some cameos from people who are kind of important as well- ever heard of that guy Barack Obama? Yea, he wants you to vote, too.

Everyone who you have ever seen on TV or in the Movies Basically Ever

In this video sponsored by the Rock The Vote movement, celebrities from Miley Cyrus to Neil Patrick Harris encourage you to get and vote. They encourage us to use our voice to be heard in this election. #WeWill vote!



So if your professors, parents, roommates, or a random guy on the street hasn’t already told you, all of these celebs will: Get out AND VOTE TODAY 11/8 and rock that “I Voted” sticker that so many people have put their lives on the line for you to get. It’s important- SO DO IT.

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