Hey, Dukes. If you’re on the fence about studying abroad at JMU, hop over it (passport in hand) and GO! My current experience within Europe’s most cosmopolitan city has been a semester unlike any previous one. It’s tough to narrow it down to just four reasons, but here you go:

  • The Courses

Every class there’s an outing to look forward to after lecture. The world truly is our classroom because professors take us to the actual source to learn about London through experiencing it. Standout memories include a biking tour of the river Thames for my travel writing class. Some of the best views from London coupled with my Nikes being inches away from traffic was exhilarating.

  • The Food and Culture

London’s diversity is showcased in many ways with its food being the most prevalent. Popular marketplaces such as the bohemian-and-punk themed Camden Market and Borough Market boast a variety of street foods. There, you can find all types of cuisine: Jamaican, Italian, Dutch, and Indian just to name a few personal favorites. There’s nothing like Nutella-covered Dutch pancakes and a “cheese toastie” on a rainy day.
As a group we have also been able to partake in London cultural events such as as High Tea and visiting the Warner Bros. Studios where all seven Harry Potter films were created.

  • The Opportunity

With JMU’s Semester in London program celebrating its 35th year, there is much to benefit from in terms of establishment. Professors are there to not only teach, but to network and build relationships beyond the classroom. Past Semester in Londoner’s have also returned to connect with my current semester to share their experiences. The program also offers internships during the summer and semester long programs.

  • Go Beyond!

During our semester long program, JMU plans trips outside of London! We’ve been able to travel to Oxford, Bath and Stratford-Upon-Avon but also beyond in Scotland and Paris. During our semester break, my friends and I planned trips to Greece, Italy and Spain. The options are endless outside and within – it’s all what you make of it!

I’ll miss being minutes away from 80 percent of London’s major attractions, but it is a sure thing I’ll be calling London shortly after graduation. The knowledge, insight and appreciation gained from living outside of the United States is valuable, don’t let the opportunity pass. To find out more about study abroad trips, check out JMU’s Office of International Programs.





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