img_8010There has been talk about some chalking throughout JMU’s campus in relation to the presidential election last week. Regardless if they were anti, pro, love, or hate we must all as a campus come together to get to one thing – acceptance.

It is quite obvious that some people are not at ease with the results of the election, but regardless, we can’t change it. The country as a whole came to this decision together. Now is the point where we all come together to accept and embrace it. JMU iIMG_3109.JPGsn’t just a college, it is a community. We come together and rely on each other during times of confusion, upset, tragedy and even happiness. There is no reason for this to not occur during this situation. We are a university that celebrates diversity and respects one another’s opinions, beliefs and values, whether we personally agree with them or not. Words written in chalk shouldn’t change that. Words can only do so much, it is our actions that truly prove what it means to be a Duke.

Many people love JMU as much as they do because of the strong community behind it. So, regardless of what your thoughts are on the election, or what was or wasn’t  written on Quad bricks that we hold so sacred, JMU supports each other’s opinions. Chalking is used to promote all of the great things this campus has to offer – so lets keep it that way.

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