9 years ago… recent Yale graduate Rory Gilmore turned down a marriage proposal, Lorelai ended her relationship with Luke… and the Gilmore Girls story came to an end. But next week… IT’S BACK! So where will this all pick up? I am beyond excited for all of the gaps to be filled in, and to catch up with the lives of the characters I have grown with and love. Amongst all of my excitement, it made me wonder, what if Rory Gilmore went to JMU? Well…

Here are ten things that would most likely happen if Rory went to JMU:

  1. She would definitely be working for the Breeze. She might even be a coworker of mine for the Daily Duke! 80ce0bd0-0d3b-0133-f4d4-0e18518aac2f
  2. Lorelai would visit just about every weekend and more than likely you’ll find her and Rory anywhere there is food or coffee. Ehall regulars? Greenberry’s?giphy-6
  3. Luke would franchise and open a chain in Harrisonburg, so we could enjoy some of his famous pancakes.
  4. Say goodbye to Wilson and hello to Rory Hall because after Emily and Richard get a hold of it, they would be sure to name it after their beloved granddaughter. giphy-5
  5. We would all want Rory in our study groups. With her GPA track record, I would not want to pass up on borrowing her extensive study guides!giphy-7
  6. The hottest gossip would definitely revolve around Rory’s love triangles. I’m placing my bet on Logan! giphy
  7. Taylor Dossy might try to call the shots around here with all the new building projects.    tumblr_nq6h0oyjgj1syb3aio3_r1_250
  8. Rory loves traveling, so she would definitely be apart of the study abroad program.giphy-1
  9. Rory would be at every home football game, cheering Lane on in the MRD’s. (Because Lane should come to JMU too)giphy-5
  10. And when graduation rolls around, you better believe all of Stars Hallow will be watching in the stands.



I hope this got you even more excited for the Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life premiere on Netflix, November 25th. Don’t forget to check out the trailer!

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