As an upperclassman, living on campus has its perks. Here are the top 10 reasons to #LiveOn Campus:

1. Location

One of the greatest advantages of living on-campus is the location. Where else can you wake up at 7:50 a.m. and still make it to your 8 a.m. on time?


2. Money

When you live on-campus you only pay for the months that you’re actually living there-rather than signing a 12 month lease when you’re away from JMU for almost 4 of those months.


3. Amenities

Your payment for living on campus includes room rent, internet, cable TV, and all utilities. No worries about extra costs being added on! In addition, all Residence Halls include study lounges, ping-pong or billiards rooms, sand volleyball or basketball courts and barbecue areas. 4

4. Convenience

Along with being able to easily go from your bedroom to your classes, living on-campus offers many different perks right outside your front door. It’s super convenient that food, sporting events, UREC, and the library are all only a short walk away!


5. Meal Plans

You can still get a meal plan when you live off-campus, but if you have to catch a bus or drive to get dinner every night on-campus, you lose time and money. Who wants to cook and clean for every (or any) meal! Isn’t that what going home is for?



6. Know your neighbors

When you live on-campus you have the opportunity to meet and befriend fellow Dukes! I met some of my best friends at JMU from my sophomore year Residence Hall.


7. Involvement

Research shows that students who live in Residence Halls are more likely to be involved in extracurricular, social, and cultural events on-campus, more likely to graduate, and interact more frequently with peers and faculty members.


8. Safety

All JMU Residence Halls meet state mandated fire codes and have alarm systems that communicate directly to the JMU police and the fire department whenever the system is activated. Residence Halls also offer top-notch security for all students, with Card Access systems that allow access to only occupants.


9. Transportation

While you’re allowed to have your car on-campus when you’re an upperclassman, you don’t need it to get to class or to go to the gym. They’re all a quick walk away! Plus, you save money on gas while you’re at it. So you can be laughing at everyone stuck in traffic while you’re enjoying your nice walk to class.


10. Peace of mind

When you sign a housing contact you have a guaranteed space on campus for next year. AND there’s no need to stress about finding a roommate right now-room selection isn’t until March 22nd!


Residence halls for upperclassmen are available all across campus, from Shenandoah B side to the Grace Street Apartments! As an upperclassman living on-campus you can also retain your room if you don’t want to move the following year.

Want to learn more about on-campus living? The Office of Residence Life is hosting an Open House Event on Thursday, December 1st where you’ll have the opportunity to tour different upperclassmen residence halls! You can get more information about the Open House here.

So why wait? Sign your on-campus housing contract today!

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