Alright Dukes, we are in the home stretch! We are just two weeks away from finals! Here are a few tips on how to stay healthy and focused these next two weeks!

The Oasis:

oasisIt’s important to try to stay relaxed with all that is going on this time of the semester. The Student Success Center offers an Oasis, that will help you stay relaxed during finals season. The Oasis was created to help JMU students and faculty with stress and anxiety. The Oasis offers massage chairs, aromatherapy, noise canceling headphones and more! With a stressful couple of weeks ahead, getting to relax on campus and take a break from your projects and studies is key for success.


Take time out from your studies for some fun activities! JMU’s Taylor Down Utdunder or TDU offers fun games and events during the semester to help take your mind off your school work and just have some fun! TDU offers pool tables, recliner room, and of course Auntie Anne’s. TDU also offers wireless printing for all your printing needs. So take some time to stop by, hang out and get a nice warm pretzel during your study breaks!

UREC Meditation:

For any Duke looking for a quieter way to spend their study break, UREC has a meditation meditationroom on the third floor. Take time to clear your mind in this quiet space. As the meditation room policies state: no sleeping or studying!



The Cave @ Festival

If you spend most of your free time on East Campus or are just looking for a chill place to study and hang out, head to Festival and check out The Cave! Grab cavesome coffee from Java Script, play some pool, study at the computers and finish off with a nice nap in the Nap Nook!

Carrier or Rose Library

No matter what side of campus you are on, both Carrier and Rose libraries become your home away from home leading up to finals week. Making sure you are keeping up to speed with all your carrier.pngclasses is key to the two weeks before finals, and the libraries on campus can help! With private study rooms, specified quiet areas and Starbucks, make sure to stop by Carrier and Rose libraries to help you gear up for finals!



One of the most important (if not the most important) item to keep up to speed on these last two weeks is sleep! Getting enough sleep at night and with naps during the day will help you stay well rested for the final push of the semester!


Relax, sleep and stay focused Dukes! You are almost there! Have a wonderful last two weeks of the semester and good luck on finals!

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