With Thanksgiving break over and Winter break coming soon we thought it would be a good idea to stay in the festive spirit by recapping what we did during our weeks off!



For my last Thanksgiving break at JMU, I enjoyed a nice relaxing week at home with my family. I spent most of my break hanging out with my mom and little sister baking and watching movies. Every year my family and I go up to the mountains the day after Thanksgiving and get our Christmas tree. This has always been a favorite tradition of mine and gets me excited for the Christmas season! ~Molly




Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, so I always enjoy getting a break to go home and celebrate! I always enjoy spending the holiday with my family. One of the highlights from my trip home this year was getting to meet my new little cousin, Weston, who was born back in October. Overall it was a nice week of relaxation, fun with family and friends, and plenty of great Thanksgiving food! ~Kali




Besides spending time with friends and family, I spent a lot of time reading and shopping over my Thanksgiving break! A little secret, many retailers actually start their Black Friday sales a few days before Friday. So I beat the crowds and still got 50% at the JCrew outlet when I went shopping on Tuesday! I also loved that I had time to get lost in a good book (but I’m talking about a novel, not a textbook!) ~Michelle


I didn’t leave until the Sunday after break started because my mom came to visit for the football game! She came on Thursday and then we went hiking on Friday. On game day, we tailgated beforehand and then we went to the game. We won 63-14! After the game, we went back home to Long Island. While I was home, I spent a lot of time with my family and saw some of my friends. My sister and I also went on a dessert tour of New York City! We went to two donut shops, a restaurant with the best hot chocolate, another dessert shop, and then two bakeries. We definitely filled ourselves up on sweets that day! ~Loren



During my week at home for Thanksgiving break I was able to spend lots of time with my grandparents. My grandma and I did a little shopping, a little relaxing, and a lot of eating! This year I cooked my family’s Thanksgiving meal for the first time ever. I’m most thankful that the food was not only edible, but actually tasted good (and no one got food poisoning!)! ~Emily



So now that you know how some of The Daily Duke team members spent their breaks, we want to know what you did! Comment below or send us a tweet (@jmudailyduke) to share your break highlights!

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