Want to help the furriest members in the Harrisonburg community? Fostering an animal can be very rewarding and fun! You can give them a temporary home and help to find their forever one!

Jojo and Jannie

Right in downtown Harrisonburg at Anicira, you can sign up to foster a dog. With this opportunity, you can give a dog a warm loving home, rather than them stay in a shelter while it is in search for its forever home.

But you might be thinking, doesn’t it get a little expensive taking care of an animal? You don’t need to worry, Anicira takes care of all of the pets medical needs, provides their food and all other supplies needed. All you need is an open heart and home and you can be on your way to fostering. You will also need to fill out a foster interest form that Anicira will assess and agree to there terms and agreements.

What it’s like having a foster dog!

Kamryn, a JMU senior, has had 3 foster dogs! Currently Kamryn and her roommates are caring for two foster puppies Jojo and Jannie. Kamryn loves having the dogs around the house; she explains that it is very rewarding to help them.


After having their first foster pup, Dewey, for 6 weeks, Kamryn explained that the hardest part of the experience was missing him after giving him to his new family. But she is happy to know he is in his forever home.

Kamryn and her roommates love having the puppies around, playing with them and having all their friends visit to play with them. Caroline, her roommate, added that she thought it was a great opportunity for college students to have foster animals, because all of the roommates can care for them and share the responsibilities, but she did mention that you need to be prepared for the responsibilities that come with having them too.

Like any dog, you need to feed them, take them to the bathroom, go on walks and clean up after them. Kamryn explained that since they are foster dogs, they sometimes have special needs you will need to accommodate for on top of the regular needs of a dog. Some younger puppies or older dogs that had previous bad experiences might be unsocialized or have health problems, so it is important that you expose them to new things and take them into public and make sure, with the help of Anicira, that you meet their health needs. Kamryn says that no matter what the need is, it is important to be patient with them.

Think you are ready for a foster dog? Check it out!



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