Active transport has dozens of benefits for your health, time, and stress. Biking is one of the healthiest ways to get to class, and you get to bypass the blood-boiling traffic that plagues the roads around campus. Now with Baas Bikes, getting around campus couldn’t be simpler.

Baas Bikes, company that brings fast, on demand bike rental services to college campuses, has just come to JMU. Their app allows you to grab a bike, ride anywhere across campus, and then turn it into the closest bike rack nearby.





You can locate where the bikes are via the Baas Bikes app, then reserve it and go anywhere within JMU campus boundaries. Each Baas bike has a self-locking system along with a chain to secure it to a bike rack with a push of a button.








The bike’s locations are updated in the app after each ride, making it easy for the users to find them. The cost is 1$ an hour, but you can also rent bikes monthly or annually. Monthly and annual rentals allow you to take the bike home with you, for a cost of 29$ per month, or 19$ per month when you rent annually.

Here’s a picture of the boundaries: picture1

There are no memberships, subscriptions, or commitment—just simplicity, efficiency, and less time getting across campus!

This program has bikes geared towards the hilly nature of JMU, with mostly 16 gear bikes. UREC offers a weekly bike rental package, but with more recreational outdoor bikes rather than commuter ones. Insurance is also included with these bikes so there is literally nothing to worry about!

Think about trying out biking through campus! Download “Baas Bikes” on the app store. For more info, check out: BaasBikes.com and JMU’s transportation page on Baas Bikes





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