This Friday, JMU Football will be hosting Sam Houston State for the FCS playoffs! This is H-U-G-E since JMU has only advanced to the quarterfinals four times in the history of the program, making this our 5th time advancing. This is after Saturday’s 55-22 win over New Hampshire. Since this is such a great feat for the team, you should come support your Dukes!! Here are some reasons why…

Support is everything!

The team is fighting hard to get that title and they need every bit of support they can get. If any of the players look up to the stadium, they should be able to count on the thousands of fans up there to keep them pumped. They feed off fans during intense and important games like this one! We have not lost a home game this season… let’s keep it that way 🙂


Finals are overrated

Ok, no they’re not; they’re actually kind of important, but who really wants to think about them?! Use this as a stress relieving activity to get you relaxed and in a good mood for finals week. We know you need as much time as you can get cramming for the Bio or History exam, but you won’t do well if you aren’t in a good mood. Science proves happy students do better.

You could be on TV!

Did I mention this would be nationally televised on ESPN2?! Get ready for your closeup and tell mom, dad, and everyone you know to tune in to see you (and the game too, duh) this Friday at 7pm on ESPN2.


Not only is it an important game, it’s a special one

Like I said before, this is only our 5TH time advancing to the FCS quarterfinals. Why not come out to say your were there for one of the most special & important games of JMU Football history?


One last hoorah for the semester

This may be the last time you can tailgate with friends, throw streamers for touchdowns and cheer for our football team this semester. Go out with a bang and celebrate our Dukes! 

Tickets are FREE for the first 5,000 students and if you are a DC25 Student Member. Get them while you can! Hope to see you all there! GOOOOOOO DUUUUUUUUKES!

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