We’re almost there dukes! With only a few days left in the week before finals, here’s a few tips to help you finish the semester strong.

1. Stay healthy.

Get plenty of sleep! During this end-of-the-semester crunch, we all know it can be hard to get a full 8 hours of sleep. Try to avoid those all nighters so you are fully rested to take exams next week. And don’t forget your fruits and veggies!

PS. If you’re in need of some relaxation time, stop by  The Oasis on the 3rd floor of the Student Success Center.

2. Meet with professors.  232680 Duke Hall Stock Photos-1080.jpg

Do you have any last minute questions? This is your last chance to talk with professors before final exams and final projects are due! Showing your professors that you care is important and your grades could benefit from extra effort.


3. Find study groups! 233449 Duke Hall Art Students Stock Photos-1002.jpg

If you haven’t already, ask around to see when your classmates are studying for the upcoming exam! Sharing notes and studying with others can help you get bits of information you may have missed.


4. Start booking those study rooms.232079 Carrier and Rose Library Stock Photos-1050.jpg

One of the ultimate struggles of finals weeks is finding a place to sit in the library. Get ahead of the game and book study rooms in Carrier and ECL by visiting the JMU Library website. Most rooms offer television screens with HDMI cord available!


5. Give yourself a break.233592 Purple-Out-2015-1028.jpg

Don’t forget about the NCAA FCS Quarterfinals game on Friday! Take a study break and stop by the game to cheer on your fellow dukes!

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