All finals are not created equally. Some majors have final papers, some have finals exams, and others have projects or presentations. Here’s an rough depiction of what JMU students will be thinking next week.


These students are learning all there is about the economy, stocks, accounting, and finance. To endure their suffering, they’ll be thinking about what they’ll be doing after they graduate:



These students have been studying for their exams probably since before the semester even began, remembering subjects from Microbiology to Organic Chemistry. If you have any friends who are pre-med, chances are you won’t be seeing them until next Friday.




Communication students have an assortment of projects, presentations, and tests to take. They’ll be worrying about final projects and hundreds of pages of readings. Communication students will have loads of fun reading over their endless notes from the semester.



Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math majors have to study concepts that I don’t think I’ll ever quite grasp. Anywhere from Thermodynamics, Multivariate Methods (?), and Programming, STEM majors are learning how to conquer these concepts that the rest of us have probably never even heard of before. STEM students will most likely be spending countless hours in ISAT and ECL.


The Undeclared

The most brave of them all, however, is the undeclared major. Those who have not found their niche, and who are most likely taking all gen-eds. They’ll be burdened with 100 level courses that are ridiculously harder than they should be. From learning about pre-historic art to God, Meaning, and Morality, these courageous souls are learning things they’d never expect to learn in college.



In the end, don’t let your performance on exams define how smart you think you are. There’s a big difference between how well you can study and how successful you’ll be in life. Study hard, but don’t forget what’s important! For tips on how to finish the semester strong, check out yesterday’s post here!


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