Need a fun and easy study break this week? Don’t want to leave campus or go to far from Carrier Library? Come to Grafton Stovall Theater this Tuesday, December 13th, from 6-9 PM to watch some amazing short films created by and starring your fellow classmates!

Senior SMAD students have been working on short films they created for the entire semester and now it is time to show off all their hard work. Four short films will be premiering this week! Here is a rundown of what they are all about:

  1. Twelve Cents: Some friends stop by a gas station late at night and have an altercation over a negligible amount of money. Produced By: Knick McKay and Sam Taylor.img_0105
  2. Confined in a Bottle: A group is delayed from their trip waiting for a friend while he confronts his issues with alcohol. Produced by: Melissa Blum, David Brown, Jarett Dickens, and Chris Hughes
  3. The Short Mockumentary: Students compete in a film competition to win an internship with an award-winning professor. Produced by: Amy Taliaferro, Victoria Gambriel, and Yen Lopez-Gallardo.
  4. Arboretum: While facing forms of abuse, a girl finds herself lost in a forest with something darker than anything you can imagine.  Produced by: Jen Pawlowski, Joey Kenny, and Kyle Johnson.

Come take a study break, support your friends and watch some awesome films!

Best of all, IT’S FREE!

Good luck on the rest of your finals, Dukes!



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