Put down the textbook for a second.  Read something that isn’t a chart or equation for the first time in weeks. Also, breathe. Close your eyes and step outside. Doesn’t that fresh air feel nice? You need that. The fourth floor of ECL gets too stuffy.

Guess what. This soon ends.

Although it feels like you are just starting, before you know it you will be back at home, relaxing. You’ll be watching Christmas movies with your dog and sleeping until noon with your cat purring beside you. Work for that. That is when all of this will be worth it.

So begin the nights that seem like the sun rises quicker than you can conjugate the verb etre. The nights where Carrier library is more bustling than upper convo on Homecoming. The nights where you simply want to cry because the numbers in an equation haven’t worked out…for the fifth time.

You are not alone.

The person next to you or your friend you are sharing a study room with is feeling your pain. But here is the thing- one day you will miss this. I know it seems hard to wrap your head around after not sleeping for two days, but it is true. You’ll miss your color coated study guides and mile high stacks of index cards.

You’ll miss it because there is something about sweatpants for 7 days straight and your favorite study cubby that makes you feel safe. There is something about 2AM, eyes tired, and laughing from delusion with your friends that makes you secretly think “One day this all ends and I will miss it dearly.” I’ll forever hold on to those memories.

Be the person you need this finals. The person who buys the person behind them coffee. It is the little things like that reassuring smile from the person across the table that keep you going. Maybe they are just starting this battle when you are finishing up your final paper before you hit 81 and head home. This is the time where we all come together and help out because trust me, we all need it.

Remember, you are more than that test, paper, or presentation. You have made it so far and you’re almost there- I’ll see you on the other side. I am rooting for you.  ❤

2 thoughts on “A Love Letter To Students During Finals

  1. Wouldn’t be nice to read this when I was struggling on finals week? Beautifully said and on point. It’s easy to get wrapped up in school during finals week, especially in a challenging subject that took the entire year to grasp. Thanks for sharing, and when time permits, check out what we’re doing over at SayspireQuotes, http://sayspirequotes.com/motivational-story/.

    Take care,


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