I think it’s safe to say that 2017 will be the best year since the year we invented sliced bread (1928, in case you were wondering). While it’s important to focus on your new year’s resolutions, it’s just as important to view this new year as a chance to optimize your mind and get motivated. Here are a few tips to focus on that will help you succeed when tackling 2017!

1. Reduce Stress

Conquering the mind is the first place to start when trying to stay motivated. According to a US News study, being anxious, depressed, frustrated, or stressed are the greatest problems when it comes to self-discipline and staying motivated. Relax! Great things will come your way, worrying brings nothing but negativity.



2. Cultivate Optimism – Especially Towards Yourself

Love thyself and stay positive! Look at how far you’ve come already; you go to the greatest University in Virginia. You’re going to do great things in 2017!


3. Manage Your Energy

There are psychologists who have concluded that managing energies is more important than managing our time. When we multitask and focus on too many things at once, we drain our energy, resulting in poor performance. So take time to take care of your body, emotions, attention, and connect to the purpose that drives your goals. Also, remember to start small with new improvements. Research shows that it only takes 21 days to start a habit!


4. Write It Down

Map out what it is you want to achieve; is it good grades, better health, dream job, all of the above? Putting it in a list will help you determine exactly what it is you’re striving for. Also, your brain can efficiently manage only so much before that information becomes nothing more than clutter. Putting your dreams and goals in print forces you to discover what you really want, and then you can work to put your written goals into reality!


It’s important to be relentless when facing this new year! Look at 2017 as a chance to start new habits toward self improvement.

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