Congratulations! You have been accepted into THE best university in Virginia – how does it feel?

When I was first accepted into JMU it was very surreal. I knew that JMU was the school I wanted to spend the next four years (which ended up turning into 6 years – Master’s Degree), 149362_1111512925541175_1067611515575305441_nbut I had no clue what was truly in store for me here. During my time at JMU I have been able to make new friends – some for life, some only for a short time – I have joined different clubs and organizations that allowed me to explore my passions, and take classes that made me think in ways I never knew possible. In short, JMU has been the place that has made me who I am today…JMU is home.

If you aren’t sure if JMU can be your home or if you haven’t visited campus yet, then you should come to the CHOICES event hosted by The Office of Admissions. The CHOICES event geared toward admitted early action students is on February 18th. On this day there will be Admissions Representatives there to answer questions about what’s next, there will be opportunities throughout the day to submit your deposit should you decide to attend JMU, representatives from different colleges and majors will be giving information sessions, clubs and organizations will be there to give you a taste of what JMU has to offer, as well as many other events going on throughout the day.

If you aren’t able to make it on February 18th, no fear – there will be two other CHOICES events open to all admitted students on April 7th and April 10th. Find out more about what events will be hosted during CHOICES events and how to register by going to the CHOICES Home Page.Congratulations again, I hope that you choose to bleed purple!

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