Graduating this May? Trying to find a new job for after graduation?stressed_gif

Don’t stress! Here are some helpful sites to help get your foot in the door before graduation in May!

recruit-a-dukeRecruit a duke:

  • James Madison University’s job website to help future alumni find a
    job. This website allows you to make your own profile and gives you employers that are looking for JMU specific students and graduates. Most of the jobs featured on this site are located in the northern Virginia and Washington D.C. areas.



  • allows future employees to look up specific jobs, businesses or general ideas of what they would like to do in a specific location. With a wide range of choices, it allows easy access to major cities while also focusing in on some of the smallest towns in America. It is a very straightforward site that is easy to navigate. People who have an account with the site can upload a resume and apply to specific jobs through Indeed. 


  • One of the most popular sites for university students, LinkedIn allows you to personalize your resume by adding descriptions of your work, what you excel at in the workplace, and what you are passionate about. By connecting with different employers and future employees, LinkedIn allows you to view what other people are doing in your field, what each company looks for in an employee and what you can do to stand out above the rest.

For students not graduating this May (so jealous), looking to get an early start on your post professional career while in school? Here are some helpful sites that can help you land your dream internship.


  • Looksharp allows any future employee or trainee to find jobs in different areas. This site is very similar to Indeed in that it provides different locations and specific jobs in multiple areas. It is like Linkedin in that it allows you to personalize your specific site and add information about yourself and what you are interested in. I used this site my junior year as was able to find an amazing internship in Los Angeles, CA working in the film industry!

  • unspecified.jpgThis is a great first stop to looking for future internships. This site is very straightforward and allows you to pick a location and different keywords and titles for internships. It also gives you many resources on how to land that perfect internship and the right etiquette to have while working for a company for the first time.

Good luck on the job and internship search! 


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