Imagine going to an airport in Baltimore and you walk through security to see every other person wearing purple. You get on the plane to Dallas and find that the seats are lined with JMU shirts. The flight attendant even announces, “Go Dukes!” through the mic. Picture yourself walking through Dallas to see JMU students, alumni and future-Duke children all over the streets, and in museums and restaurants. Imagine going to a football game with JMU alumni from an array of graduating classes, then storming the field like we were in one JMU family. If you’re as lucky as I was to go to Texas for the FCS National Championship football game, you would know that this was the Frisco experience!

Day 1: I got to explore Dallas on a snowy day, eat famous Barbecue and see the city from 560 feet in the sky on the rotating Reunion Tower. Yelling “Roll Dukes” to everyone wearing purple and then talking to them about their undergrad life and where they are now. It was like walking around in a city of friends.

20170106_152545       20170106_154728

Day 2: Roll Dukes! Tailgate at 9am (7am if you were feeling up to it) then to the stadium at 11. Imagine a JMU convo tailgate but much larger, with alumni and students all together! Dukes then took on the stadium with the overwhelming majority of fans. Take a look for yourself: we sold over 75% of the tickets!


After a blocked punt return early in the first quarter for JMU, the game’s momentum was clearly favoring the Dukes. The Penguins defense were not much of a match for Schor, Abdullah, and Ravenel. Our team proved that we made it this far for a reason. 20170107_115418

After a great game with flexible seating (you could wander around without anyone really caring) the time was ticking down for us to storm the field. The suspense was building..

We took the field while #11 Brandon Ravenel floated on the crowd. screenshot_20170111-143823screenshot_20170111-134407-1


20170107_144714Mike Houston and Khalid Abdullah gave their victory speeches; you can’t ask for a better ending to the season! The amount of pride and enthusiasm for our school was unparalleled, and it made me realize what it truly means to be a Duke!



Let’s get ready for some more wins in our other sports this spring!! We still have basketball, swim/dive, golf, tennis, and there are plenty of amazing shows that our theatre program puts on (I’ve been to quite a few and they are well worth it). Support our JMU family!


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