JMU is used to getting frigid weather during this time of year. Instead of hiding in your dorm or apartment, get out there and experience what fun the cold can bring! Here are just a few ideas of what you can do at some awesome ski resorts near JMU!

Massanutten Ski Resort:

Located about 15 miles from JMU, Massanutten offers some amazing winter fun for you, your friends and your family if they are in the area! Massanutten provides skiing (take
img_8488lessons with other people or enjoy a private lesson if you don’t know how to ski or want to become a better skier!), ice skating and tubing.
Speaking from experience, I’m not the best skier in the world, but my friends and I really enjoy snow tubing at Massanutten! According to the Massanutten website, there are”up to 16 lanes that are 900’ in length and offer a drop of 120 vertical feet.” At $22 per ticket during the weekday and $26 per ticket on the weekend it is a great way to save money and have a great time with your friends! Each sessions lasts two hours and trust me, that is plenty of time to go down those awesome hills many, many times. You need to get your tickets in advance ONLINE!

giphymkIf you aren’t into sliding down a pretty massive hill, Massanutten’s ice skating rink may be the way to go. At $10 per ticket and $3 skate rental, you can enjoy 90 minutes skating around and being the next Michelle Kwan.

Bryce Resort 

Located about 40 miles from JMU, Bryce resort also offers tubing, ice skating, skiing and snowboarding. Bryce offers day passes for $65 on the weekends and $42 on the weekdays. If you don’t have any equipment, no need to stress! Bryce will allow you to rent your gear for $34 on the weekend and $29 on the weekday.

Bryce also offers a snow sports school for those who do not know how to partake in winter sports. Bryce’s first time package includes, “equipment rental (including helmet), a one giphyskiand a quarter hour group lesson, and a carpet lift/slope use ticket for the day.” This first time package can only be used in the beginner area.

You can also enroll in Ski & Snowboard Race Training Clinics. These clinics allow you to join one of the largest ski teams in Virginia.

With all the fun that winter has to bring, grab your friends and head out there before all the snow melts this winter!

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