img_8137January 10th was a big day for the town of Harrisonburg, VA. We officially joined the cool club and got our first Krispy Kreme location! This is after waiting months and months and seeing construction go on on Burgess Road and having the grand opening date delayed from its original opening date of Dec 13th. 

Grand openings for Krispy Kreme are kind of a big deal. The chain is always very happily received by a new town or city when it is announced they are opening a new location and the masses camp out days prior to the grand opening. If you’ve ever passed by a location the night before it opens, you’ll know the crowd! If not, think Best Buy Black Friday campout crowd lines. 

A Krispy Kreme grand opening in Durham, NC

I myself have never camped out for a grand opening so I thought why not do it this time? Don’t judge me, but my biggest motivation for doing so was the chance to win a year’s supply of free donuts. The doughnut chain gives a free dozen every week for a year to the first person in line, and a free dozen every month to the next 99 customers. The store was set to open at 6am on January 10th and according to their facebook page, fans started camping out around 4pm the 9th in order to get the first place spot! My friend, Aaliyah Kilpatrick, and I got there around Midnight in hopes of still being eligible and we cut it really close– we were numbers 90 and 91! Here is a play by play of how the night went:fullsizerender

12:40 AM:

We arrive! We go inside and have an employee write our names down on the “VIP” list I guess you can call it. It was the list they would check through the night to verify if you were one of the first 100 people. We make our way back outside to my car to “campout”. This was probably one of the best/ easiest on my body campouts I’ve ever done since we could stay in the car. My only other time camping out for something was last year for the British Academy Film Awards (BAFTAs) in 22 degree weather when I studied abroad in London. I met Leonardo Dicaprio so it was all worth it!

My hand with Leo at the 2016 BAFTAs in London

After 12:40 AM:

We waited…and waited…and waited.  

4:30 AM

They came outside and did a roll call to verify if people on the list were still there. Yeah, we had to be there the whole time. If not, you were removed from the list. 

5:30 AM:

A worker came outside to line us all up to get ready to go in! We ended up being 88 & 89 in line since two people left their posts. We took some pics with the ‘Hot Light’ while we waited.

Me and the world famous “Hot Light” which when on, lets passerby’s know fresh, hot donuts are being made at that very second.


The first customer headed in! I couldn’t really see everything, but I’m guessing it was for a photo op. 


Doors open! 

6:25 AM:

We’re in! We were handed our free doughnut punch card and a free cup that gives us .99 refills on coffee for life – blessings on blessings!

6:35 AM:

We got our doughnuts and then headed for the sign to take a cute pic with them and our punch cards. 



I dropped Aaliyah off at her apartment then head home to quickly get read for my first class of the day, 8am CSD 420 class!  

It was such a great experience, minus the cold.

If you love Krispy Kreme, make sure to take advantage of their student deal with your JACard! If you download their app you also get great deals there as well.

We made it on the news as well!

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