The beginning of the semester has come so quickly and all of our classes are now underway. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a few tricks and tips on how to make some things easier on ourselves this semester? Here is a list of some life hacks I think can definitely help all of us out!

  1. gummyIf your having trouble finding some motivation while studying, try placing one of your favorite sweets every few paragraphs. That way you get an extra incentive to keep reading!




2. Sleeping through your alarms? Try placing your phone in a cup, so it amplifies the sound when your alarm goes off.


3. If you dorm room doesn’t have a microwave or maybe the last time you used one things didn’t end well, try using your coffee maker or keurig to make your snacks.





4. Avoid having your laptop overheat by using a drink cup holder to prop it up.

5. Speakers can be expensive, so why not make your own! speaker with paper towel holder and cups.


rubber-band6. Who really likes to do dishes? Put saran wrap over plate before.

7. Using your phone and driving is super dangerous, not to mention illegal. So if your using your GPS to get to or from JMU try this easy trick! Rubber band mount for your phone in car.


8. You can easily make your room smell fresh by placing some dryer sheets on your fan or air vent.


9. If you’re anything like me, you need all the caffeine you can get! Don’t let your coffee get watered down, freeze some coffee ice cubes!

10. Limited space in your apartment or dorm? Shoe racks don’t have to be just for shoes, use a hanging shoe rack to store your supplies.


What other tips do you have for your fellow dukes!?


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