Mechanical engineering student Rachel Frost earned first place and a $10,000 scholarship in a contest by explaining the physics of drafting. It pays to apply for scholarships!frost-check-pic

“Over the summer I was looking for scholarship opportunities for this upcoming semester, as I was planning on transferring from a community college in Maryland to JMU,” Frost said. “I was on a scholarship search website when I saw one from Nascar.” The competition was to make a 90 second video about a technology used by Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) engineers that has helped improved the way NASCAR drivers performs. Given that she grew up as a fan of NASCAR, she knew this would be a great scholarship for her to pursue. She made her video on the importance of drafting and aerodynamics during a race, and how the lead car reduces wind resistance for the trailing car. “I ended up learning quite a bit from the project” Frost explained.

Scholarships are everywhere and should be taken advantage of as much as possible. “To students applying to scholarships, I would say to do things that interest you, and just go for it. When I applied to this scholarship, I had no expectation to win. I figured that since NASCAR is so well known, I’d be competing against a whole load of people” Frost explains. “I ended up just doing it for the fun of it” and she wound up coming in first place with a $10,000 scholarship. Frost also got to meet her favorite childhood driver, Jimmie Johnson.frost-johnson-pic

Frost just transferred to JMU this semester, and although she has a strenuous schedule with engineering, she has already become involved in InterVarsity, Intramural Handball and Indoor Soccer.

If you’re pondering the idea of searching for a scholarship, learn from Rachel Frost and apply! “Don’t be afraid to apply to the small scholarships, because everything counts.” For more information on how to apply for scholarships, check out JMU’s website:  and remember, the only way to get awarded a scholarship is to apply for one!

Also, here’s Frost’s award winning video (watch it, it’s amazing!).


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