With all the warm weather lately it seems as though a snow fall may never be in sight; however, it still maygiphy-4 be in your best interest to have the knowledge to be prepared. Almost exactly a year ago was the crazy snowpocalypse of 2016, and that left us stuck inside for a couple days. If you weren’t prepared last time you know how bad the struggle can be, so here is some advice on preparing for the next potential snow storm.

First things first, food. No one wants to be stuck inside with nothing to eat. Odds are if the roads are really bad and JMU is closed, most of your favorite restaurants and food stores will be too. It’s also important to have extra items such as, blankets, flashlights and batteries. So stock up! And don’t wait around, because others will be out hunting for the essentials too!


It also may be time to invest in a shovel. You don’t want snow drifting up against your door forever and if you have a car you’ll need a way to dig it out too. But if you don’t own a shovel, a frying pan or trash can lid can work as make shift shovels as well!

Stay up to date with Harrisonburg local weather reports. It’s important to know what is exactly happening outside. Pay attention to notices of snow emergencies and other advisories. If the professionals say don’t drive, it’s is best to listen for your own safety and for others.

Lastly do something fun, get snowed in with your friends! Just because the snow has you trapped inside for a few days doesn’t mean you should spend it by yourself. Have a movie marathon or brace the cold winds and venture out to play around in the snow! Maybe build a snowman?


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