We all saw it. That cold day in Frisco. JMU dominating Youngstown State and winning the FCS National Championship. A monumental moment for our school. December graduate, JMU wide receiver and punt returner, and FCS Special Teams Player of The YearRashard Davis, explains his experience on and off the field with JMU football.

DD: What were you most nervous about going into the game in Frisco?

RD: I wasn’t too nervous because of how much our coach preached to us that it was just another game. If you allow the big stage to overwhelm you then you won’t perform at your highest level.

JMU fans praising the team on their return from Frisco.

DD: How did it feel pulling into campus and seeing all of the people waiting for you outside of the stadium the night after the game?

RD: It felt amazing knowing that people take pride in what we, as a school, have achieved this year. You also realize how much they care because it felt like 5 degrees when we stepped off of that bus.


DD: Has anything changed since you have gotten back as a National Champion?

RD: I haven’t been on campus as much since I graduated, but back home in Charlottesville I’ve gotten recognized by people that I have never seen before without even wearing anything JMU. My friend requests on Instagram has went up at the least by 200+ which is never a bad thing.

DD: Favorite memory from the entire experience?

RD: We made too many memories down there for me to have a favorite. However, one that really stands out is when my roommate Ishmael Hyman and I went on Instagram Live and told the world the keys to a successful life (which also included winning the game). Those keys are Chips, Wings, and Cherry Juice.

DD: OK, now about you-favorite NFL team?

RD: My favorite NFL team is the Dallas Cowboys.

*this is where I slightly cringed in my chair but decided to swallow my pride and continue the interview…*

DD: Any pregame rituals/good luck charms?

RD: I don’t have any good luck charms but I kept my routine the same on game day. If it was a home game I would get my legs rolled out by one of the athletic trainers. Next I would contrast between the cold and hot tub and, afterward I would get a neck/ shoulder massage to get loosened up. I would then go and get taped and

Downtown Harrisonburg during the National Championship Parade (1/14/17).

dressed. After warm-up mainly the WR’s (wide receivers) and Qb’s (quarterbacks) would huddle up and do a group prayer before Coach Houston comes in to address the team.

DD: What do you think the future looks like for JMU football?

RD: I feel like what we accomplished this year was just the beginning of a reigning dynasty for this football program.

Check out some of Rashard’s best moments, including this beautiful play vs. Morehead State!



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