Recently The Daily Duke team went on another outing to try a local Harrisonburg restaurant. This time we went to two places in one night – Bella Luna and Bella Gelato.

I had never been to either place, but believe me, they are both in my top 10 list of places to eat now! When first walking into Bella Luna, you can tell that you’re going to have a good experience because the atmosphere exudes content. File_008.jpeg

Once sitting down at the table, it was the little touches such as the lighting and the waters waiting for us when we got there that made each of us feel at home at Bella Luna. Not to mention, the menu is absolutely intriguing; from the specialty pizzas to pastas, appetizers and desserts, everything looked delicious.

Unfortunately, we each had to choose just one thing to get for the evening. It was all around a wonderful meal and great evening out with The Daily Duke fam. Each of us enjoyed our pizzas and the great company!

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After our dinner at Bella Luna, we all went right across the street to grab a refreshing dessert at Bella Gelato.


Whether you’re in the mood for coffee, a cappuccino, or gelato, Bella has it all! Unfortunately I did not take any pictures of our desserts…they were too tasty to wait even a second to dig into them! These two restaurants made for a perfect night out to eat and they are highly recommended by The Daily Duke team.


Where should we go for our next food review? Comment your suggestions below.

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