In honor of #ThrowbackThursday, we thought it would be cool to see how JMU has changed throughout the years. Enjoy some of these iconic flashback photos…


A long, long time ago, JMU used to only have one side of campus. So sad to think there was a time without E-hall.


Making progress and moving farther east!


This side of campus is looking a little bare without Champions Deck (Showker Deck). Where would we all be without good olโ€™ย Champions?


Back in the day, students who couldnโ€™t go home for Winter break, were hosted on campus for a nice candlelit dinner to make them feel at home in Harrisonburg.


There was also a time when sororities stayed in houses rather than dorms. Here are a few that existed during that time.



In honor of the 2016 National Championship win, here is the what the Football team’sย home, Bridgeforth Stadium, looked like back when it doubled as a stadium and a running track in the 80’s.

JMU Special Collections is filled with historical photos of campus! See them for yourself online or head over to their space in Carrier Library on the 4th floor!


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