Want to transform your JMU career, discover yourself, and learn how to become a better leader than you’d ever thought you’d be? If you’re a current Sophomore or older and have at least 2 semesters left until you graduate, apply to be a Leadership Councilor in the Make Your Mark on Madison program! Through this year-long program you learn topics that vary from leadership, diversity, ethics, teamwork, group facilitation, and many more.  I was a Leadership Counselor in 2015, and the experience has completely changed who I am and has helped me progress to become a person who I never thought I’d have the courage to be. Working closely alongside 19 other aspiring leaders, Leadership Counselors grow exponentially and learn by building Freshman or Sophomore students in small groups.

In the first semester of this program after all 20 Leadership Counselors (LC’s) are chosen, everyone goes on an overnight counselor retreat on Feb. 24-25 where you get to know your fellow LC’s (this was one of the most fun nights I’ve ever had).

mymomLC’s attend training sessions every Monday from 7-9:15pm to learn about leadership development, facilitation, ethics, and many more invaluable topics. Throughout this semester you will be getting extremely close with your fellow LC’s and getting to know more about the amazing people you’ll be leading alongside.

During the second semester you will have a partner LC who will become your best friend where you facilitate your own leadership discussions and facilitations to first and second year students. You’ll also be enrolled in HRD 475 (Human Resources Development) where you’ll learn even more about what it means to be an effective leader. I can’t even come close to describing what being a MYMOM Leadership Counselor has done for my life! I’ve learned the value of servant leadership, emotional intelligence, my personality type, appreciating diversity, how amazing it feels to build others, and I’ve become stronger and more mature than I could have ever imagined.

For those who cannot become a Leadership Counselor, you apply to become a MYMOM participant, where you’ll be in a group that’s facilitated by 2 partner Leadership Counselors.

Information meetings are Thursday, February 2nd from 5-6 PM in ISAT 0148 and Monday February 6th from 5-6 PM in Maury 0201, and applications are due Wednesday, February 8th at 5 PM. 

Refer to the MYMOM website for more information.

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