JMU has so many apps that help students function in and around campus. iMadison was an app that was focused around JMU and kept parking services updated and had hours for dining halls. iMadison was cocreated by Brian Chambers, a JMU alum, and a few of his friends and his brother.

More recently, Chambers cofounded CollegeLife with his brother and he is currently the CEO. He deals more with developing the app and fixing issues and bugs. They have been working with developers in California and are really focusing on marketing the application this semester.

Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 1.51.40 PM.png
Danny Chambers, left, and Brian Chambers, right, talk about the app they created, CollegeLife.

CollegeLife is an application that can be used and applied to every university. CollegeLife has the same features as iMadison, including the updated bus schedules, hours of dining halls, and maps. It has everything you need to know about non-academic JMU things! What’s new is the inclusion of local events around the college’s campus, along with happy hours at restaurants and bars. “When I was going to JMU, it was annoying to keep checking the bus schedule on the website,” Chambers said, so he created an all-in-one app. Right now, Chambers has made the application available for 15-20 schools around the nation. Chambers realized, “students are always on their phones and this app is a better way to get info and be plugged in.” CollegeLife is not currently an official JMU app but many JMU students are already using it. CollegeLife can connect you to Canvas, JMU Athletics, Parking Services and Deck info, Card Services, Emergency Services, On-Campus dining, maps of campus, Harrisonburg Transportation, and The Breeze.

The future of iMadison is not set in stone. Chambers is leaning towards getting rid of the application because he wants to avoid confusion. He already put a note in the app’s description explaining that he is no longer updating hours and bus schedules. The CollegeLife app is currently completed and is being updated as bugs are occurring. Chambers ended with one final note, “we’re also students, we understand. We don’t do it for the money. We just hope that you tell one friend about it and hopefully it makes your life easier.”


CollegeLife is available for free for the iPhone, Android, and other smartphones! And feel free to like CollegeLife on Facebook here!



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