JMU is home to students from all around the world. With over hundreds of students from China, Saudi Arabia, Mexico and several other countries, JMU has a diverse student body.  A couple of these students, Chanho Jung and Antonio Ruiz, I get to call my friends. They’ve have had fascinating stories and I’m grateful to have gotten to know them.

Chanho Jung is a junior Sports and Recreation Management major from Seoul, South Korea.

img_2855“I was choosing between the University of Nottingham in the United Kingdom or any school in Virginia,” Jung said. “I chose the United States because of the markets. The U.S. has the best economy and is most prosperous.” Chanho goes onto say that he chose JMU because of how beautiful and safe the campus is here.
By studying in the U.S. Chanho has expanded his knowledge far beyond the average South Korean student and has had the opportunity to learned about our amazing collegiate sports system.

Antonio Ruiz, a senior Marketing major from Mexico City, Mexico, heard about JMU from his middle school English teacher. Ruiz had his sights on moving to this country for college, and he was looking for a “stereotypical college experience with a larger student body and popular student sports.” Ruiz also wanted to share his story with others in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere – the atmosphere that JMU offers each of its students. His favorite part about JMU is how “people are kind here in general, which is something you doimg_10501n’t see elsewhere. Big city culture is a lot different than Harrisonburg; people are less stressed and more patient here.”

Getting to know students who are from other countries and cultures has helped me to gain a stronger appreciation for JMU and the opportunities it provides students everywhere! Diversity enriches our lives in so many ways; getting to know someone on a deeper level by learning about what makes them unique can be one of the best ways to strengthen our friendships and appreciate others! Learn more about diversity at JMU by visiting their website:


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