Feeling like a poor college student? This post may be of interest to you! Working on campus is not only a convenient way to make some extra cash, you may even be able to find a job that’s applicable to your career goals!

During my first few years in college I definitely felt the wrath of not having any sort of income during the school year. Those late night pizza and online shopping orders weren’t paying for themselves. One solution that came to mind was getting a part-time job here in Harrisonburg! However, the idea of having a job while balancing class, extra-curricular activities, and simply learning to adjust to college life seemed impossible to me. What I didn’t realize was that JMU offers a variety of jobs that you can fit into your normal class schedule, and are conveniently located on campus.

Visiting JMU Job Link will give you a full list of student jobs, but here are a few featured JMU students who work on campus!


Caroline Brandt
Madison Advising Peer

“I work for the MAPS: Madison Advising Peers. I originally found and applied to the job on JMU Job Link and was then asked for an interview. I help students plan their schedules, make four-year plans, switch majors and minors, add and drop classes, and any other general advising questions they may need assistance with! The office is located in Roop Hall on the second floor, suite 201. Having an on-campus job is really convenient, especially since the hours work around my class schedule. I really enjoy my job and love all my coworkers! The extra money is great for planning fun things with friends on the weekends!”


screen-shot-2017-02-03-at-11-45-54-amGemma Howard
Micro-Computing Lab Assistant

“I applied through JMU Job Link but found out about it through a friend who currently had the job.  I monitor a computer lab for one half of the shift and the other hour of the shift I ‘float’ which basically means I walk to several computer labs around JMU where I check the printers to make sure they’re working and have enough paper in them and make sure everyone is following the correct behavior (no eating, drinking, etc.). I work at the Showker computer lab but float to Maury, Moody, Harrison, Godwin, and Chandler. Working on campus is very convenient because I can make my schedule work in between my classes!”


screen-shot-2017-01-31-at-4-17-01-pmZoe Myers
COB Graphic Designer/Photographer

“I’m currently employed by the Integrated Marketing Communications office within the College of Business, which is basically just a fancy way of saying I make stuff for CoB. My title is graphic designer/photographer, but I wear a lot of different hats. I help design decks, create slides for the interactive board, come up with campaigns for social media, and often take photos in classrooms or at events. You know when you’re in class and that awkward student with a camera shows up inexplicably? That’s me! My friend told me about the position when I was a sophomore, so I emailed the office and came in for an interview with a portfolio of some of my work. Most of us are seniors, so there are definitely spots open for next semester! Working on campus is super convenient, plus there’s usually free snacks in the break room.”


linkedin-photo-2-spring-2017Ryan Hooper
Operations Assistant – Madison Union Event Services

“As an OA you work either in TDU (Taylor Down Under) or at the Warren desk right in front of the mail room. Our primary duties at the Warren desk include setting up rooms for the various club meetings and events that take place in them, checking out keys for classrooms in buildings throughout campus, and doing occasional walk-throughs of the building to count the number of people and make sure everything is in order. TDU is much more laid-back. Our primary duties in TDU are checking out the games and pool equipment, and most importantly maintaining the TDU playlist to keep the good vibes flowing. I found out about this job from a friend of mine from high school who worked here and told me how great of a place it is to work, and I then applied through JMU JobLink. One of my favorite things about this job is how conducive it is to a student’s class schedule, and how understanding our supervisors are about academic and club obligations that may conflict with the job. ”

screen-shot-2016-12-12-at-11-41-06-amWe saved the best for last… The Daily Duke Internship! You may or may not know that the writers of The Daily Duke blog are actually employed through the JMU Communications and Marketing office! If you’re interested in writing, photography, social media, graphic design, video, marketing, and you love JMU – this is a great opportunity to learn skills that are applicable for your career, not to mention it looks                                                                                                     awesome on a resume! Stay tuned for                                                                                                                    applications!

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