Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and love is in the air at JMU!vday_mickey

If you are still looking for an awesome place to bring your special someone, look no further than JMU’s campus! Here are a few ideas to treat your special someone without having to leave campus.

1. Forbes Show

Everyone loves dressing up now and then, especially for Valentine’s Day. Forbes Center of the Performing Arts provides an opportunity of romance with a show. From musicals, plays and music shows, you have a wide variety to choose from. And with your JACard, you get a student discount (talk about a great way to save on Valentine’s Day!). Get dressed up and take your special someone on a night they won’t forget.unspecified.jpg

2. Planetarium

If you are looking to wait until the weekend to celebrate Valentine’s Day, JMU’s John C. Well’s Planetarium offers FREE shows every Saturday! What is more romantic than a dazzling star show?IMG_2565.jpg

3.Picnic/Snowball fight on the Quad

The weather at JMU this semester has been a roller coaster. From freezing weather to a beautiful day in the 70’s. Enjoying the great outdoors and our beautiful Quad could be the way to go this Valentine’s Day. With the weather we have been having so far, plan a nice picnic on the quad to enjoy the beautiful weather and everything our beautiful campus has to offer (I would recommend sitting on the kissing rock!). Because our weather can switch on a dime, be prepared for an awesome snowball fight that will surely make your snowball fight dreams come true!

4. Madison Grill

Looking to eat at a nice restaurant but don’t want to leave campus? Located on the top floor of Madison Union, Madison Grill offers table service dining at an affordable cost, aka you can use your punches! Madison Grill offers many appetizers, pastas, burgers, and specialty items to choose from.IMG_2560.jpg

5. Grafton Stovall Theater

After enjoying a nice dinner at Madison Grill, head outside of Madison Union to Grafton Stovall Theater to enjoy a $3 movie. Grafton shows movies that have just left theaters so make sure to stop by!IMG_2557.jpg

Have a LOVEly Valentine’s Day Dukes! We would love to hear how you spent your Valentine’s Day on campus, so make sure to share with us!

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