Happy Valentines Day Dukes! Today you may be celebrating your love for for many different people – your significant other, family members, or friends. One love we all have in common is our love for JMU! Some couples love incorporating JMU into their wedding by inviting “Road Dawg” to join their big day!

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Here is how this couple found their love right here at JMU!


Introduced by her roommates, Tyler and Chelsea Copan first met at JMU during freshman move-in day and they have been inseparable ever since. They have now been together for 7 1/2 years, and married for the past year and a half.

During their time at JMU, they loved spending sunny days on the Quad, checking out local hiking spots, eating at favorite places downtown such as Jack Browns and Billy Jacks, and spending as much time as they could with all of their friends. But their favorite memory at JMU actually happened after they graduated.img_5105

During a trip back to JMU after getting engaged, they decided to kiss on the kissing rock. They thought the stories of the kissing rock were funny, so since both of them attended JMU, it was something they really wanted to do before getting married.

On their wedding day Chelsea and Tyler incorporated JMU by img_6428having “Road Dawg” the Duke Dog statue present. When asked why it was important for them to incorporate JMU, Chelsea explained “We are a JMU family!” Over 40 of their wedding guests attended or were currently attending JMU (including immediate family members of Tyler and Chelsea).

When asked what advice they have for current students Chelsea said, “Soak up every minute at JMU! Those were the best four years of our lives and we enjoyed every second in Harrisonburg!”

Comment below and share YOUR JMU love stories!

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