Dear #JMU21,

Don’t take living in the dorms for granted. As you prepare to move into a shared space, you are probably yearning for the days to have a space you can entirely call your own, dreaming of not having to share with a new stranger. As a Senior who is about to graduate, with a huge apartment, including a personal bathroom, and walk-in closet, you might be surprised to hear that I would trade it all to be back in my 4-person dorm room in Weaver Hall. The hall is the place where I met my first JMU friends, the place where I was snowed in for four days and strictly lived off of hot pockets (not recommended), the place where I first learned how to share a space, the place that first made JMU feel like home. 

frederikson.jpegTrust me when I say those late night hours spent in the dorms are the most sacred memories I have at JMU. It was like every day was a huge sleepover!
I can still remember it so vividly: I was sitting in my pajama pants in the middle of the B section suite, laughing our way passed 2AM. We all probably had 8 AM’s, but we didn’t care. The time we were spending together was way better than sleeping. Then there were the nights we would all get in at different times, but knew that there was bound to be Domino’s somewhere throughout the halls. We shared our stories from the evening over slices of pepperoni pizzas and abundance of ranch dressing (the Freshmen 15 is real- just embrace it).

So #JMU21, as the “wise old senior” I am, the one saying cliché after cliché to you- don’t take living in the dorms for granted. They are the best memories you’ll have in college. I would absolutely love to be sharing half of a mini fridge again to get those times back. I would love to be in your shoes. So soak up every minute.

Love Always,

A Fourth Year Freshman (AKA – A Senior), Jolie

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