If you’re ever feeling down or in need of a sweet treat, here are some of the best places to go. Of course we might have missed some, Harrisonburg’s dessert scene is growing faster than our bodies would like, so comment any places you think we might have missed!


credit: frankameka.com

We have to mention this gem of a place when speaking about desserts. Ehall always has a great ice cream flavor as well – Cinnamon Ice cream anyone?

Kline’s Dairy Bar

credit: Kline’s website

Looking for smooth and creamy ice cream? Maybe head to Kline’s for your fix – remember, they change their flavor of the week every Wednesday!

The Cupcake Company

credit: ilovemyburg.com

If you are looking for gourmet cupcakes, The Cupcake Company is your best bet around the ‘burg. The store has multiple different flavors everyday, but it also has 6 original flavors everyday.

Jack Brown’s

credit: lanemaloney.com

After tasting these you will feel like you’re walking through the world’s best carnival. Jack Brown’s you’ve done well.


credit: spotluck

This infamous dessert is one of the best in town, hands down. You have not lived until you’ve had the cookie skillet from O’Neill’s.

Let us know your favorite dessert in Harrisonburg by commenting below!

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