Dear #JMU21, 

Take it from me, a senior wishing she was a freshman, the best way to ensure a positive college experience is by getting as involved as you can during your time at JMU. Of course you’ll be sure to meet people through your dorms and classes, but clubs are another way you can expand your social circle and meet others that you have things in common with! Whatever you’re interested in or could think of being involved in, there’s most likely a club for it here at JMU – and if not, you can make your own!

Student Org. Night Fall 2011One way you can get introduced to the variety of clubs and organizations JMU has to offer right from the start is by attending the Student Activities and Involvement fairs that are held at the beginning of each semester. Another way you can learn about JMU organizations is by looking out for the JMU informational emails. You’ll quickly learn that a surplus of JMU emails can be a little much, but most times those emails are coming from organizations and clubs letting you know what events they have coming up! It’s really not hard to find the club you’re looking for, the tough part is narrowing down what you want to be involved in.

As a Senior looking back, many of my good friends now are 525f307f0c38e-imagepeople I met through clubs and organizations that I’ve joined at JMU. When I was a Freshman I came in knowing practically no one, so I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and meet as many people as I could. I decided to go through Sorority Recruitment, and I not only met people through the sorority I ended up joining, I met others during the actual rush process too! I also tried out and made it on the JMU Club Tennis team – which ended up being one of my favorite parts of freshman year. Along the way, I sat in on a few other organizations’ informational meetings but didn’t end up sticking with them – which is totally fine too! It never hurts to trying something out, even if you end up not liking it.


No matter what you’re interested in – whether it’s sports, service, or academics – I highly encourage getting involved right from the start! If you’re worried about being too busy balancing classes and extracurriculars, try one out at a time. You can always take a break from a club and try it again the next semester. Trust me when I say, JMU will feel smaller after joining clubs – in a good way! You’ll see more friendly faces on campus and feel even more at home than you already do.

To check out a full list of student organizations at JMU – click here!


A Nostalgic Senior

Cover image courtesy of JMU Technology and Design

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