Ever wanted to cook yourself a quick and healthy meal, but didn’t even know where to start? Well, the solution to your problem is right on campus, at UREC!

UREC offers a wide variety of cooking and 300wellness classes that are free for students! There are approximately 40 different classes to chose from and are usually each an hour in length. This week, I went to the Satisfying Superfoods class.

The classes are held in the kitchen on the first floor of UREC in room 129. At each seat, they provide a copy of the recipes they will be making during the class.

The instructors go through each recipe step-by-step while providing helpful tips and nutrition facts. In my class, we learned how to make a kale superfood salad and healthy hot chocolate.

If you don’t get one of the front row seats near the stove, you can see everything that’s happening from the TV screens-it’s like being on the set of a professional cooking show!302

The best part of the class? Getting to try the recipes!


The class broadened my horizons and showed me how a healthy meal packed with superfoods can be very easy to make! I highly recommend that all students take advantage of this opportunity while they still have the chance. One of the class instructors told me that a typical cooking class could cost $75 an hour! By attending these classes at UREC I can improve my cooking skills and nutrition for $0. I think the next class I’m going to try is Avocados in Cooking!

For free food and fun, sign up for UREC’s cooking classes here!

2 thoughts on “Cooking Classes On-Campus

  1. Michelle,

    Great article. Can you get me a copy of the two recipes? No rush.

    Dr. C.

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