file_001In the mood for Mexican food? The Daily Duke suggests going to Jalapeno, Southwest Grill. The ambiance of Jalapeno’s is energetic and spicey-just like their food! The night our team went to dinner was a proceeds night for a JMU organization. It was pretty busy, but once we sat down, our service was excellent! We received our food and drinks well within a timely manner and our waiter took time to talk with us and make us feel welcomed there.
As far as the food goes, it is excellent. Personally, I have been to Jalapeno’s many times and have always had a positive experience. This visit was no different! I ordered steak and chicken fajitas with rice and beans on the side, as did many others at our table. Other people did the “make your own” burrito bowl and were equally as satisfied as I was with their choice.


In the end, if you’re looking for a well priced, tasty Mexican restaurant to go to in the future, I’d definitely suggest Jalapeno’s!


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