From an incredible education to the close friends we’ve made, it’s safe to say that JMU has made (and continues to make) a profound impact on all of our lives. When we take a step back, we can see how much this university has become such an influential part of our own personal growth. In our years spent here, we’ve matured into the knowledgeable leaders we are today because of experiences exclusive to JMU. Our top-notch academics, facilities, student body and unique culture make this school second to none. In order to continue providing these experiences to future students, JMU relies heavily on gifts from former (and even current) Dukes. With Giving Day just around the corner, here are just a few reasons to give back!

1. Growth

With about 20,000 students, JMU’s future is one of promise. In order to move past this hump, we need enough funding to maintain the proper resources and infrastructure for more dukes.


2. Experiences for future students (future leaders of our world!)

In order to keep the JMU experience filled with rich personal growth, leadership opportunities and high quality education, we need to continue giving. The unique experience we’ve had through our time here has shaped who we are today. We want to keep this personal growth and maturity for future students. Donations also contribute to thousands of dollars in scholarships.


3. Prestige of JMU degree

When employers see “James Madison University” on a resume, they shouldn’t have to question where you came from. When we give, we help sustain an outstanding reputation. We also contribute to this when we donate by attracting higher quality professors and improving educational facilities.


4. Saying “thank you” to the school that has made us into the great people we are today

Whether they be big or small, I think it’s fair to say that JMU has fostered transformations in our personal and professional lives. Think of your gift as an act of gratitude for the place that helped you grow into the individual you are today.


5. Give back to the Harrisonburg community

Our campus wouldn’t be the same if we weren’t surrounded by the beautiful buildings of downtown, the original restaurants or the friendly people of the ‘Burg. All in all, our community adds life and culture to our JMU experience; and we want to impact it in the best way possible.


Whether you want to donate or simply spread the word, be sure to let fellow dukes know about #JMUGivingDay. Learn more here.

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