JMU has always had a strong alumni base throughout the country that gives back to JMU year after year. Alumni love to show their constant passion and support to their alma mater. These donors are not only older established alumni with deep pockets; they are also young professionals, just getting their foot in the door and kicking off their careers. Meet the GOLD network. The GOLD Network (Graduates of the Last Decade) is a network of young alumni who understand the importance of giving back. A few members of the GOLD Network answered some questions for us and told The Daily Duke why they give back and why you should too!

picBrendan Hughes (2012 Graduate) 

Brendan is a 2012 graduate currently living in Arlington and working for Lafayette Investments. He is also an active philanthropist in supporting JMU, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Our Lady of Good Counsel High School, and Help for Haiti. In his free time he loves travel and studying the economics of foreign countries. He soon plans on turning that passion into a website with other JMU alumni. Brendan donates to JMU because of the emphasis the school has placed on fostering innovative opportunities to keep our alumni engaged. He was a business major at JMU so he would love to see the College of Business continue to work to be one of the top business schools in the country- primarily focusing more on undergraduate investment programs. 

Favorite JMU Memory: That spring day when [I] visited JMU as a junior in high school. It was sunny outside and there were students sprawled out on the quad, throwing Frisbee on the Festival Lawn, walking to eat at D-Hall and most importantly just genuinely being noticeably excited to be attending an outstanding university. [I] can still recall how kind current students were to [me] in answering any questions that I had or telling me about their personal favorite parts of JMU. Why is this [my] favorite memory of JMU? It led to what [I] would consider to be the greatest decision of my life.”

“JMU provided graduates with a near endless amount of opportunities including but not limited to job interviews (and hopefully offers) on campus, an intelligent and motivated network of individuals, a nationally respected brand, and of course an easy transition to life after school. Don’t you want others to be blessed with similar fortunes in the future?”


Kara Nunnally ( 2014 Graduate)

Kara is a 2014 graduate currently living in North Carolina where she works for Elon University as the Assistant Director of Annual Giving for Athletics. Kara gives to JMU because she understands the importance of her gift. She was a history major at JMU and if she could donate anything to JMU it would be a mini museum of James Madison and his relation to the Shenandoah Valley catered with a working lab for students that focused on historic conservation and preservation.

Favorite JMU Memory:  Sept.
11, 2010. We beat Tech. (Mic drop.)

“I want to help ensure that future Dukes have the meaningful opportunities that fire the trademark-Madison-spirit that we all proudly share. I simply believe in Madison!”

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