2017-jmu-gd-profile-pictureIf you’ve been following The Daily Duke’s series this week, then you’ve probably heard of this thing JMU is hosting… Giving Day on March 14th. Be sure to follow JMU on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat to get the full scoop on Giving Day activities. It’s going to be great!
One thing we didn’t mention yet are all of the fun challenges throughout the day! There’s a residence hall challenge, greek challenge, student org challenge, overall leader challenge and even a library challenge! (Are you #TeamCarrier or #TeamRose?) So when you make your gift to JMU on Giving Day, be sure to check the right boxes to help your affiliation reach the top!

Now, if you missed They Daily Duke’s Giving Day series here on the blog, here’s a quick recap…

  • What is #JMUGivingDay?
    • “Well… it’s a 24-hour fundraising event that gives students, family, friends, alumni, staff and faculty the chance to give back to this university we all love so much.”



  • JMU Students Give Back
    • “I give to give back to all the opportunities JMU has provided me with. I give to help in continuing to foster and develop the culture of our university.”



  • An Inside Look at Madison Connection
    • “Madison Connection is JMU’s student-staffed call center. The Madison Connection team members call alumni, parents and friends of the university to ensure their connections to JMU stay strong, as well as to ask for contributions to fund and advance the university.”


  • screen-shot-2017-02-22-at-2-04-02-pm5 Reasons to Give
    • “Our top-notch academics, facilities, student body and unique culture make this school second to none. In order to continue providing these experiences to future students, JMU relies heavily on gifts from former (and even current) Dukes.”


  • The GOLD Networkmeet-the
    • “I want to help ensure that future Dukes have the meaningful opportunities that fire the trademark-Madison-spirit that we all proudly share. I simply believe in Madison!”



So, have a great spring break and get ready to show up for #JMUGivingDay on March 14th when we get back!


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