We all know how successful JMU grads are in the world. They are conquering big businesses, creating nonprofits, and overall improving the world- one Duke at a time. Meet Cat Witko. Cat was a 2015 graduate who is now in the Master’s of Science in Global Management program at the Antwerp Management School. Cat interviewed with the Daily Duke (despite the 6 hour time difference) and told us about her experience in Antwerp and how JMU helped her get to where she is now!11218823_10153388966205774_1395361787387915024_n-1

Did JMU help you get there? How?

JMU Is the entire reason I even knew about AMS! I studied abroad during my undergraduate years in Antwerp, and while I was visiting, we learned about the graduate school of the University of Antwerp, the Antwerp Management School. When I decided that I wanted to pursue a higher degree after JMU, this seemed like the best fit for me.

What has been your favorite aspect of where you are now?

Definitely the change of pace that moving to a foreign country brings. I’ve learned a lot in my program thus far, but I think I’ve learned a lot more about myself from living on my own away from my friends and family. That, and the plethora of waffles and fries around me 24/7 isn’t too bad either.

Any advice for students?

If you’re interested in pursuing something after graduation, but are worried that it might be too risky or too far out of your comfort zone, do it anyways. Too many people graduate and go straight into what they believe is expected of them, and ignore what may seem exciting and intimidating at the same time. Just do it– if it doesn’t work out, then at least you can say you tried!

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