Wondering what JMU’s Dining Services offers in regards to your dietary needs? JMU strives to provide a “broad selection of great-tasting, healthy food and beverages.” What does this mean exactly? JMU offers Vegan/Vegetarian, Halal, and gluten free options. At JMU’s resident halls menus for each station that have these options are provided.


Vegan/Vegetarian options:

For those students who are vegan/vegetarian, the resident halls on campus provide a designated station for vegetarian options, “offering one complete-protein vegetarian or vegan entree and two to three vegetarian or vegan side dishes at lunch and dinner.”A salad bar is also located at both D-Hub and E-Hall. D-Hub now offers vegetarian meals not only at a specific station but at every station. The retail dining locations will offer at least one or more vegetarian options. The Student Success Center’s Grace Street Market offers a great vegetarian option with the Quinoa Bowl station, allowing students to put meatless chicken and vegan cheese in their Quinoa bowl.


 Halal and Gluten Free:

Along with Grace Street Market offering vegetarian options for students, it also offers many gluten free options. The Quinoa station is a great example of this as well. D-Hub, E-Hall, and Mrs. Green’s at Chandler Hall also offer gluten free options that include creamy tuna salad, penne pasta, spicy cilantro slaw burger, and more. Halal sandwiches have been added to both the D-Hub and E-Hall menus. The convenience store on campus, Jemmy’s, located next to E-Hall offers Halal prepackaged frozen entrees.


If you would like to learn more about what JMU’s Dining Services can do for your specific dietary needs, please contact a campus dietitian or food service director.

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