Dear JMU21,

So you’re about to leave Mom (or Dad’s) great home cooking, right? Well good news for you, JMU has great food as well! JMU is a repeat top 10 ‘Best Campus Food in the Nation’ pick and you will soon see why. I’ll give you the rundown of some of the best places to hit up.


This place is a must at least once a week – even if you live on the other side of campus from it. E-hall has the best selection and best desserts! The options range from bistro selections, international, gluten free, and vegan foods and that’s not even all they serve. Word from the wise, get there early on Sunday’s to avoid the brunch rush and also make sure to check the menu!

Red Velvet Waffle with Cookies & Cream Mousse

Top Dog & PC Dukes-

Top Dog’s Mongolian Grill is a favorite of many dukes, and you will soon come to see that when you try to head over there around the lunch rush! To be honest, every place on campus will have a lunch rush, so just watch and learn when you should wait and when you should go – this advice will help you all throughout college, trust me. Dukes is a great place not only because of it’s food, but also because it stays open the latest and has a bunch of snacks and sodas to stock up on for those late nights.

Student Success Center (SSC)-

This dining location is relatively new. The selections are all so different so you never have to be worried about a boring palette. The flatbread pizza at the Bistro here is great but every main food location at JMU serves pizza, so it is up to you to find which one you like best. Not to mention there is a Dunkin’ Donuts in here as well! If you want a breakfast sandwich but see the line at Dunkin’ is too long, head upstairs to the P.O.D. and for a punch you can get a hot breakfast meal.



Festival is a great place to eat when you are in between classes on east campus. Most food locations are on the other side of campus, so if you are taking any classes on east campus, it will become your go to fast food place. Cheese Please holds a special place in my heart because they are always serving up great grilled cheese sandwiches.

UREC Cafe-

Yes, you can have dinner at the gym and yes, it is amazing. Salads and smoothies here are to die for. There’s also a Starbucks attached if you need a quick pick-me-up after your workout. If you identify as a “gym rat”, this will most likely be your refuel station.

urec cafe.jpeg

Love Always,

A senior who has tasted it all

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