It’s that time of year again: the NCAA College Basketball tournament, known as March Madness. Making a bracket is a way to connect to people within organizations and distract ourselves from school work. A little bit of competition that helps us move along as the weather gets warmer. We all make our brackets and try to determine who we think is going to win in each round. Now, determining this is so very difficult and watching the games can be very frustrating and infuriating.

There are a few steps to how March Madness goes down:

1. Making your bracket and feeling oh-so confident about your picks and the few upsets you chose.


2. When the first game comes around, you start to get nervous for your picks and how different they are than your friends’ brackets.

giphy (7)

3. Your pick loses in the first round. Not a big deal.

giphy (6)

4. One of your final four teams loses to a 10 seed in the second round. WHAT? How did that happen!?

giphy (5)

5. Your upset wins! You were right about something!

giphy (4)

6. Most of your picks are still remaining in the elite eight.

giphy (3)

7. It’s down to the final four. Things are close.

giphy (2)

8. Championship game. Your champion is still there. Who knows what will happen!?

giphy (1)

Stay tuned in March Madness for every game and to make sure your bracket hasn’t been busted! We wish you all good luck with your picks in this mad time.

One thought on “Stages of March Madness

  1. The NCAA College Basketball tournament or better
    known as March Madness makes the people go crazy and frustrated. People try to
    predict who’s gonna win, group themselves with the same pick as them and cheer.
    People can’t wait for March Madness and for the Victory of their chosen team.


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