JMU has some serious donut competition: Krispy Kreme, Dunkin Donuts and now Peace, Love and Little Donuts. Here’s a short review of the newest restaurant, located in the 865 East building complex. Peace, Love and Little Donuts has a unique feel and personality that no other donut shop can compete with. 20170320_171035


Right next to the entrance of 865 apartments, the location is unbeatable.


Immediately upon entering there’s an unexpected hippie vibe. You’re even offered a free cinnamon donut for your first time visiting.

The employees were fantastic, all more than willing to recommend me with their favorites; which were just about every donut on the menu. They had almost every delicious flavor that you can possibly imagine, from maple bacon to M&M, and they were all custom made fresh on the spot. Each one was hot (which is hard for any donut shop to compete), which made them unparalleled.


I’m proud to say I limited myself to only 6 donuts, and gave 3 to my friends. From top left to right I got the maple bacon, M&M, sprinkles, strawberry frosted, Samoa and fruity pebbles.

I can confidently say that each donut surpassed expectations by a mile, and in my opinion, Peace, Love and Little Donuts is the superior donut shop in Harrisonburg.



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