Ah, spring. April showers, May flowers, warmer weather, and longer days! It’s definitely one of my favorite times of the year, especially because of the fashion! Below, I’ve rounded up some springtime looks from a few of The Daily Duke team members.

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Above photos courtesy of Loren Probish.

Raquel Sheriff combined lace-up flats, a demin skirt, an off-the-shoulder top, and a leather jacket. “No matter what the season is you can’t go wrong with black, white, and denim. I love the high contrast with white clothes and my skin, so white is always a go-to for me. This top would also work well with shorts or jeans. Off-the-shoulder tops are on trend for almost any season now!”

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Loren Probish said, Most of JMU’s spring semester actually feels more like winter. So at the beginning of spring, my staple outfit is a light sweater, rolled up jeans, and booties.”

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Jolie Klein styled a layered dress look. “I love basic items paired together for a classic feel with a fun twist. For my shoes, I always look forward to spring to bring out my classic converse that I have had forever-another staple piece! Also, I hope this choker trend never dies.”

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Pat Moulton combined a bright button down with a casual vest and shorts. “My favorite part about this outfit is the simplicity and practicality; since Harrisonburg can be so cold even in the spring, it’s important to be prepared by wearing a vest, especially for my early morning classes. Once the day warms up, I can take the vest off and I already have shorts on. I’m always prepared with this outfit.”

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Sam D’Addario said, I got this dress at Urban Outfitters over the summer and it’s a great go-to. I think a denim dress is perfect for class, work, or going downtown. I’m excited to finally wear dresses this spring now that it’s getting warmer!”

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Emily Bennett said, I’m looking forward to the warm days ahead so I can wear sandals and capris. Plus, patterned pants or shorts add a unique aspect to any outfit. It’s a fashionable and professional look!”

What are your favorite spring fashion staples?

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