Calling all storytellers! Apply today to work for JMU Communications and Marketing as a Daily Duke intern for 2017-18 academic year. Application (and more info) available at

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When hiring, one of the biggest things companies look for is work experience. However, getting an internship, especially one that’s fun and in an area that interests you,
is sometimes difficult to find. On top of that, a lot of internships are unpaid AND only offered during the summer. Luckily, JMU has some great opportunities for fun, paid internships that are flexible with your schedule.

One of the best choices I made at JMU was to accept an offer as a Digital Communication Intern here at The Daily Duke, JMU’s student life blog. Our typical day consists of working in the JMU Ice House (downtown) writing cool stories,
Snapchatting fun events on campus, brainstorming marketing plans for JMU or going out to dinner together to write restaurant reviews. It’s always changing!

Personally, my favorite part about The Daily Duke is learning a variety of new things. I’ve learned how to write creatively, how to work effectively in a team and how to utilize analytic software. I’ve also learned that with the right people, work can be extremely fun.

One of my favorite memories at The Daily Duke was getting a press pass to a football game to Snapchat it – I had access to the field and the press box so I could get the best vantage points of the game!

Loren Probish, junior SMAD major –  “This internship that I hold with the Daily Duke is something that has helped me grow as a professional. I have had the opportunity to work with my fellow interns (Pat being my favorite), along with the JMU Communications and Marketing department. There are many responsibilities that interns hold, and mine include not only writing posts for the blog, but also going around campus and taking phIMG_6547otos of what is going on that day for JMU social media accounts. This internship aligns perfectly with my future plans. It was also so much fun to learn and grow alongside people that have similar interests as I do and have supported me along the way!”

IMG_6646The Graduate Assistant for The Daily Duke, Emily Bennett’s, reason for loving The Daily Duke is that, “You get real world experience, have the opportunity to make an impact on the JMU community, and get to work and network with great people.”

FullSizeRenderSam Daddario, a senior Communication Studies major said, “My favorite part about working at The Daily Duke is definitely getting to collaborate with the other interns. I’ve had internships before where I was the only intern in the office, and that’s cool, but it isn’t the same. The best part about the nine other interns is that we all have different fields of interest– writing, graphic design, photography, videography, web analytics, Snapchat, etc. It’s really nice to be able to come together and use all of our strengths on different projects.”

Elevate your professional experience and apply for an internship with JMU Communications and Marketing for the 2017-2018 school year. Applications are due before April 21st at 5:00pm. Click here to access the application.

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