Dear JMU21,

JMU offers some amazing experiences on campus including clubs and organizations, interesting majors, sports, and the list goes on and on. Did you ever want to know how JMU could help you with some awesome experiences away from its beautiful campus? If so, look no further than JMU’s study abroad programs.

As a freshman, I knew that I wanted to study abroad and I had a dream location, London, England. Now, if you are like me and know exactly where you want to go, great! If not,

Photo Credit: Maddy Williams

don’t stress! The great thing about JMU’s study abroad program is that there are so many different options to choose from. So, sit tight, I’ll give you a quick run-down on just some of the options you have to chose from.


JMU’s Study Abroad Program gives you the option to do a program with the university, do an exchange program, or do a JMU research abroad program… and that’s just to name a few. Through the JMU programs specifically, you can either go for an entire semester or do a short term program (mainly during the summer months).

If you are looking to go and spend an entire semester abroad, you can live and study in places like, Antwerp, Belgium, London, England, Florence, Italy, Salamanca, Spain, or Edinburgh and St. Andrews, Scotland. With the short term programs, you can study abroad in Vienna, Austria, Orotina, Costa Rica, Roseau, Dominica, Paris, France, Dublin, Ireland, and trust me, that’s just a few of your options. I chose the London program because first, it was my dream location and second, it provided classes that matched my major.

Photo Credit: Maddy Williams

A bit of advice: when looking into study abroad programs, make sure to look into how the credits you receive could go towards your overall major, general education courses, or minors you want to receive (especially if you are looking to go on a semester abroad trip!).

Overall, studying abroad was by far the second best decision I made at JMU (the first was coming to JMU in the first place!) I made lifelong friends, learned more about how different cultures see and use my major, and most of all, learned more about myself and how I view the world. This opportunity allows you to see the world from a different perspective and I highly recommend that you take advantage of that! So look into studying abroad and see how JMU can help you see this beautiful world we live in.

Love Always,

A Nomadic Senior


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