Dear JMU transfer students,

Transferring to JMU sophomore year was one of the best decisions I ever made. Moving far away from my family after only going to college minutes away seemed scary at first. I was worried that coming in as a transfer student would mean being behind everyone else and out of the loop. Luckily, I was wrong. These past three years have been the best and I wish I could pull the brakes so that they would never end. Looking back at my transfer experience,  there are some things I think you should know…

Going to transfer orientation, even though it was optional, was so beneficial. Your ANTS (Assisting New Transfer Students) help a lot with getting you accustomed to campus and give you helpful tips about JMU. Also, this was one of my first opportunities to meet people, which was great because we were all in the same boat.

Another great way to get out and meet people is to join student organizations. Branch out! I was afraid when I first got here that it would be hard to make friends, but everyone is so nice and JMU has so many organizations to join. Going greek was how I met a lot of my friends. Also, joining clubs on campus has been a great help in making friends. Working on campus at The Daily Duke has provided me with 10 new friends, even in my senior year.

So if you’re nervous about coming in as a transfer student, just remember that many people have been and are currently in your shoes. Nerves are part of the excitement of coming to college – it’s all what you make of it.

Yours Truly,

A bittersweet graduating Senior

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